Last week, we had all of our partners in the same room for the first time. It was good to get all on the same page, especially since there are only a few short weeks left in the project.

Some notes from the meeting:

– Amit would like a final report document – not just contained on the website
– Clarify data sources
– Why shift to PostGIS – recommendation from MapBox
– Clarify that localities are not polygons
– Described how IIM has assembled data
– Add “see list option” on search autocorrect
– 353 localities – not defined by boundaries, defined by centroid
– Guidance value modes – most frequently entered values likely guidance values
– Not doing the analysis for localities vs apartments – but researchers could use our system to do this
– Some discussion over highlighting the search by price tool
– User is not necessarily the same user who would go to Magicbricks – may not have a budget in mind, someone who has already searched Magicbricks and chosen a few locations and wants to see what all the different sources say about those areas
– Perhaps a more analytical website would be helpful, go one level deeper than magicbricks – trends, analytical output
– Gov’t predicted to be a big user, they will want to quickly see where there are disparities between values
– Possible tool that shows relation between gv and mv – queryable?
– Auto-updating of values by “web scraping” outsource scraping service
– How to update amenities – potentially crowdsourced, way to sustain map
– Population data from current census
– Amenities load within the map bounds – decrease loading time
– Ability to save, print, and archive the data collected
– From the govt side – gv, property taxes related
– Admittedly fitting taxes into our scope would be difficult
– All apartment data pop up boxes downloaded in one spreadsheet
– Go through fineprint of base maps to make sure there are no restrictions to their use
– Probably safer to source original OpenStreetMap (OSM) layer
– OSM might even load faster
– Next meeting to be held at IITB – invite industry experts, would like a diverse audience
– OSM cycle map may be of interest
– Create short description to distribute to people who will be invited to the next presentation

In the time left, we will be implementing the functionalities laid out in our mockups, and working towards some of the tools that lie outside of our initial scope.