Yesterday we visited two of our partners that we had not met yet. We went to the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) to meet with Dr. Madalasa Venkataraman. The campus was a beautiful 100 acres of lush greenery and stone.


Mandalasa works on policy issues and frequently visits Vidhana Soudha to deal with city officials. She challenged a lot of our assumptions, and wants us to make more conceptual recommendations based on our findings. She asked us to research more streamlined guidance value systems, like those in Delhi. IMG_6495

We also visited Professor S Rajagopalan and Professor Amit Prakash at IIITB for the first time. Amit gave us some additional actions he wants our system to accomplish, and asked us not to spend too much time worrying over incomplete data.

IMG_6511Anisha introduced us to some amazing foods in between meetings. All in all, it was an informative and satisfying day. Today we are working through all of the information we received to try and figure out what is possible for the remaining six weeks of the trip.